Thursday, May 04, 2006

Frustrating X 2

Crap ending last night. It was a tit-for-tat game that just ended with B.J. Ryan's crazy closing performance. I'm actually starting to fear the Jays. B. J. Ryan isn't as intimidating-looking as their old closer (nicknamed "The Crotch" by Moe and me), but there's no denying he's got skills. Halliday didn't look very good last night, but neither did Beckett. I've also become desensitized to Foulke's relief work. I've gone from "cringe" to "Offerman is up, time to take a pee break." In other words, my expectations are relatively low. As stated previously, Wily Mo had a good game. And so did Mike Lowell. Truly.

The loss frustrated me on top of the anger I was already feeling due to mat cutting. I'm officially engaged in last-minute preparations for the upcoming show I am participating in and I have 4 large pieces that necessitated mats. My right index finger is bruised from pushing a seemingly dull xacto knife through the impossible boards. My first mat was a poor miscalculation - which nearly resulted in tears. I kid you not. Cutting mats is higher on my "list of least favorite things to do" than moving. I always seem to wipe the agony out of my memory. For whenever I got to the art supply store for mats, I sort of ignore the voice that says: Kim, maybe you ought to buy some snazzy new mat cutting tools. Nope. I've got to do things the hard way. I've got to work myself up into a completely preventable frenzy.


At 4:17 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

Will the aforementioned frenzy end with a Red Sox victory tonight? For if it does, we should keep better track of the frenzies. For luck.


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