Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Furry Crotch Strikes First

Normally, I don't have issues with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. I find them to be bitter, sore losers who fight dirty when the opportunity arises. Most bench clearing events take place during games with the Rays and don't get me started on Kazmir. But still, I'm not threatened by this team, as they always find a way to hurt themselves in the end, despite promising players like Crawford. I almost feel bad for Piniella. He always looks so pathetic there in the dugout, knowing (in his gut) that his destiny is last place, by a lot, year after year.

My issue lies with Raymond, the blue furry crotch mascot. I posted about him not long ago. I jokingly suggested that Raymond and Wally engage in a wrestling match (as the mission of this blog is to avoid meaningful Red Sox news as much as possible). I claimed that Wally could kick this crotchy-faced butt, hands down. (This is mainly because Raymond appears to be out of shape, while Wally is svelte).

Well, it turns out that Raymond the mascot decided to - in what must be contagious "sore loser syndrome" - start the wrestling match. But not with the real Wally. Instead, Raymond took a small Wally doll and proceeded to sit on it and slap it around like an immature jerky anti-role model. I did not see this. My mother told me about it as the action unfolded on TV (Remember: I am without cable until Thursday), but it got my blood boiling, just the same. And I'm not alone. Remy has public affection for Wally, particularly the doll version of our mascot. He was very disturbed by this behavior and I suspect that this is now war. I know that we have just one more game with these ass clowns, so we'd better make it good. I am a passive person by nature, but no one pulls such a cheap act without consequence. I think that class and the high road can take a back seat for just this once.


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