Thursday, March 09, 2006

Former Sox Give It Back

Oof! Derek Lowe and Hanley Ramirez have both given the Sox a good dose of "how ya like me now?" The Dodgers beat the Red Sox today (6-4) and we all know what happened yesterday (Hanley was, what, 3 for 3? Ugh.). Actually, I'm glad that Derek is still firing off the nutty sinkers. He needed a dignity boost, what with the Sox letting him go, followed by the "stuff" in his personal life. All I can still say about Derek now is - I wish the best for him. His big game pitching will always outshine his crappo starts. At least in my book.

Meanwhile, David Wells is still talking smack about Selig. Some things never change, especially the predictability of Boomer's yapper.


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