Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Warning: Sarcasm Up Ahead

Corcoran pelted Youk, then almost got Loretta in the head. It must be weird to hit someone with a pitch and not really be able to apologize. You know it stung like a mofo, and I'm sure a human's natural reaction is to run up to whoever and be like, "Oh my, are you okay?!" I do this to inanimate objects, sometimes. Meanwhile, a pitcher accidently lops some dude's head off with a pitch, then stands there all awkward while the headless batter goes to first. It must be strange, is all I'm sayin.

You see how no one talks about that horrible heckler? Neither Orsillo nor Remy even acknowledge it. Do they even hear it? Is the heckler the same person making that obnoxious "banging on the cowbell" noise? I wonder if it's one of those deals where if it's talked about, then the heckler "wins" somehow so the idea is to pretend it isn't happening. Meanwhile the sound quality of this game suffers. That's a good compromise, huh?

Lead off single for the Rays ... and catcher's interference. Weee! Baldelli brings Lugo home for the first run. And no outs! Well, at least we've got Johnson going tonight. He'll settle down and give us a bunch of "ground outs." Yep, you watch. [I wonder if the Rays will get on base due to more weirdness and shitbag pitching.]


At 11:29 AM, Blogger Iain said...

Maybe we could get Corcoran to bean the heckler next time out?

At 12:07 PM, Blogger 01245 said...

Isn't it obnoxious? I truly think that no one dares to give the heckler a "talking to" for fear taht it will serve as encouragement. Ugh. He ought to be beaned, for sure.

At 3:25 PM, Blogger Ktech said...

The Heckler is a bit of a legend...Robert Szasz is his name I think...I know that there was a little bit of press given to him last season when he made his first trip to Fenway...and by press I mean EEI (haha) but DO and Remy did mention it too last year. I remember reading that most of the players he goes after, usually 2B too, either block him out or just find him amusing because he has had to get creative.

Nothing he does though will EVER top his heckling of Todd Walker in 2003.
In fact, I STILL scream "HEY TODDDDDDY" whenever I see Walker on TV or come across anyone named Todd :)


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