Friday, July 15, 2005

New York Pitching is Major Stinkeroo

Wowie wow wow. When we've got a substantial lead, the bad jokes pour in like crazy. Dan Roche just told a doozy. That is obviously the down side to having the 17-1 lead over the Yanks. No complaints from Witch City, though.

Can I just say that Renteria has been great in the field tonight? There. I said it. It's been a delight to watch. Other delights:

1. Boomer's pitching.
2. Yankees pitching. Every crappy guy. I love it.
3. David Ortiz's grand salami. Trot's INSIDE THE PARK HOMER! Alright, let's just throw all of tonight's offense into this.
4. Scoring in almost every inning. Which I know is incredibly grating on the Yanks. Like worse that if we had a break out inning or whatever. It's a constant stream of sprinkling salt in the wound.
5. Watching one of the Farrelly brothers in the stands.
6. Seeing Rem sport a doo-rag of some kind. (This should be number 1, actually.)

Who are all these Yankees pitchers? Each one is worse than the last. Like inbreeding, the pitching genes keep getting weaker as the game goes on. Garbage. And speaking of garbage, it's good to see Wells throwing some when he's ahead of the count. It's been helpful. I'm so bummed that he's getting the 6 game suspension. That's a tough break for us.

Not much left to say but: Woo hoo! and Take that! (after last night). I think it's safe to say that this one is in the bag. And we're handing the whole Crayola Caddy over to Torre.

P.S. Bob Lobel is terribly drunk. I know he's always sipping away on the flask, but this is the most shnockered I've seen him yet!


At 10:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And can you believe it...if the season ended last night, both teams would be in the playoffs...been weeks since that was true!



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