Thursday, July 14, 2005

Witch City Correspondent (Warning: Lots of Rambling)

Red Sox open the game with a 3-run homer by the Trotter.

Lizard face Giambi is up. And he's sweating like a pig. Unfortunately, he just barely got a solo shot. Mojo Nixon came close to catching it. Damn fans. I recognize that it's "up for grabs" when it goes into the stands, but I don't understand why a Red Sox fan would want to rob us of an out. Unless it was a Yankee fan. Who else would want to hold onto a Yankee homer ball? Oh crap, another solo homer. Williams. So close to foul, too. Come on, Bronson. 2 outs. 0-2 on Jeter and and chopper to Edgar. Out at 1st. Nice.

Well, I haven't won the Yankee tickets through the Poland Springs "Ultimate Rivalry" contest. At least not yet. I'm not even in the top 10, in terms of votes. The winner gets 4 tickets, dinner at the .406 club and a limo ride to the game, as well as an autographed baseball and a jersey of some kind. I'm not a fan of limos, but hey, I'll take it. At least you don't have to fight traffic.

So, the Moose is probably the most threatening of all the Yankee starters we'll face in this series. And that isn't saying much. We've had some pretty good luck against Mussina in the last 2 years. Did you guys know that he had a knuckler in his pitching repetoire? I didn't. 3 walks in the 1st inning and working on one to Edgar. Better. Renteria got a single. Ortiz is up with 1 away and 1 man on. Giambi's hair is sort of Bellhorn without the curl. Ah, Ortiz is out at 1st - double play, actually.

Yipee. The "Lucky Chip" commercial. Again.

Here's a treat. Theo is in the booth with Don and Rem. They're talking about the concert on Saturday. The one that I will be attending. It must be hard for him to chat about the concert during this game. So much so that Theo just called a foul during his charity talk. Sheffield just got a hit off Bronson and one run scored BUT A-Rod was just fanned, so that almost makes up for it. (1st hit batter of the game for Bronson: The Lizard.) It's so fun to hear Theo actually joking during the game. Even though he's fairly mild-mannered, I picture him getting all worked up during these games. I guess he leaves that to Tito. And us.

So Nixon just got a long single at the bottom of the 3rd, and then advanced to 3rd with Millar's double. 1 out. Jason's up and I've got a good feeling here. 2-0. Toe taps, toe taps. 3-1. More taps. A nice grounder to Jeter to bring Trot home sweet home. 5-3, Sox, going into the 4th.

Sheffield just got an "off the netting" homer. It's kind of funny, the net thing. It reminds me of out softball rules. Like, if it touches the top leaves of the tree over there, it's a double. It's weird. 5-4, Boston.

Hey- Larry David is in attendance tonight! No baseball cap, but he's sitting near the Sox dugout. Since he's one of my favorite comedians, I am going to pretend that he's a Sox fan. Oh, and I guess Ozzy is in town tonight. Rem just said that he's a Sox fan, but I think he was joking. Man, I hope he isn't. Does anyone have the scoop on this? I need to know!

Chad Bradford is warming. Right hand side arm pitcher acquired from the A's. Could be making an appearance tonight. As well as Curt. I am crossing all my fingers and toes that Schilling comes out at a critical time. If the drama isn't already high, imagine the heights with Curt exiting the pen!

Whoops - Mueller just overthrew - wicked bad - to Millar. Posada - floppy-eared freak - just scored on that and Billy will likely be chahged with an errah. Bronson is getting yanked. Here comes Myers. 5-5.

CURT'S ON HIS WAY TO THE PEN. HE'S GETTING A HUGE RECEPTION. I LOVE THIS. He's wearing a long sleeved sweat shirt, Tito style. It's 300 degrees outside. Wacko. I don't like his beard, either. I can't believe that Schonda hasn't made him shave it. I am imagining that Schilling, with all the recovering, has been having some Mr. Mom moments in the Medfield compound. I can totally see him wearing a crappy old flannel shirt, drinking beers and burning woobies.

Runners on the corners with 1 out. The Sox are on a bit of a hitting streak. I am hoping that Bellhorn doesn't throw a bucket of water on this. Work a walk, damn you. Don't be a hero. Just get on base. Nope, another strike out for Mark tonight (2, total). Shock of shocks. (Torre looks worried. I've never seen that. Lots of face touching and whatnot.) Tanyon "my name sounds like a stomach virus" Sturtze is warming. I just can't stand that guy. Johnny just struck out, unable to get the lead.

Bernie and Phyl have recruited Wakefield for their new commercial. This is just unwatchable. Tim, dear, what are you doing?

Bradford is about to walk A-Rod. Correction. Bradford just walked A-Rod. And that's all he's getting. One batter and you're beat. That's so Joe Torre. I love it. While I'm waiting through these terrible car commericals, here's a picture of me with Boog Powell (now huge) at the game last Saturday. He's currently the proud owner of the Boog's BBQ stand at Camden Yards:

(photo courtesy of Taylor Tunstall)

Sturtze's eyes are way too close together, sort of like:

HOMER #22 for Papi. Red Sox lead 6-5.

Oh, sweet. Embree just gave up a double to "Ears" Posada on his first pitch. Another "1 batter faced pitcher" tonight. Timlin's coming in.

This tit for tat crappola is making things very stressful. As to be expected with Red Sox/Yankees in a post All-Star Break game. We are tied up at 6. I hope Curt closes. I hope Curt closes. I hope Curt closes.

If you've made it all the way to the end of this blog entry, remind me to give you some kind of goodie bag. Seriously.


At 11:54 PM, Blogger Jere said...

I told Chan that you said David was at the game and he immediately said "Episode???"

Could be. Like the ones at the Lakers and Dodgers games.

At 2:01 AM, Blogger Sam said...

I get the goodie bag!

BTW Mussina throws a knuckle curve, not a knuckleball, and his knuckle curve is much closer to a curveball than a knuckleball.

At 5:49 AM, Blogger 01245 said...

Jere - It was kind of surreal to see - the Boston wind blowing Larry's wispy hair around. i still want to know which side of the rivalry he sits on!

Sam - Thanks for the clarification. I must have misheard Rem, thus my confusion. I've just sent a messenger pigeon to Swampscott with the goodie bag.

At 7:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You owe me a goodie bag too, dear. Bring it to the championship softball game!

At 2:29 PM, Blogger Rebecca said...

Larry's a sox fan. He was cavorting in the dugout b-4 game. Heard it on NESN, illegally broadcast on satelite (somewhere)in Fairfield County.

At 2:34 PM, Blogger 01245 said...

I knew it! Thanks for confirming!!!!

At 3:55 PM, Blogger Rebecca said...

When i heard it, I thought of you immediately. Maybe because we were talking about him last time at Fenway.


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