Monday, August 29, 2005

Monday Night Mascot Fights

If we don't take advantage of these home games - particularly those with crap teams - I will seriously lose it.

Matty's record is superior to this McCowDung character's. Let's hope he proves it tonight. After this nice little winning streak, the Evil Rays are due for another humiliating loss, anyway.

I think we ought to set up a mascot duel to start things out tonight.

Furry Blue Crotch (thank Mo for nickname)

(pictured here doing the hokey pokey, putting his right foot in)

vs Wally

Who, me? Of course I could kick that mascot's butt! Would you even doubt it?

I think the answer is clear. This Raymond mascot (most unoriginal of names) has been taking it easy for far too long. The most he can hope for at this point is that Wally gets lost in all the crotchy fur around his face during the match. Maybe if Raymond the Devil Ray got off his duff and stopped all this lounging around (see below), he could motivate the Rays. But, sadly: no.


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