Monday, August 15, 2005

Saturday at Fenway

Saturday at Fenway was unlike any game I've been to.

1. I got to watch it from the top of the Green Monster. I've only been there twice - both times at the end of park tours, and naturally, both times without the benefit of live game action.

2. This was the first time I've been in attendance when the game was stopped for rain.

It was a pretty special experience. I spied Shonda Schilling and got my picture taken with her. She's just as glamorous and sweet as you might expect. I mean, for a Republican (I just assume that she is, since I sincerely doubt that Curt would have it any other way). She had quite a crowd around her, but I got her attention before the "I wanna tell all my buddies I stood and talked to Shonda for a while" people showed up.

Here's Crazy Carl, who I still have mixed feelings about. I thought I heard something about him and his wife beating each other up, but upon further research, I discovered that he was charged with child abuse. Not inflicting the abuse himself, but sitting back while his wife disciplined their children "harshly." Nice people.

The unmistakable El Duque.

Coke. There's no substitute. By the way, every time I've ever taken the Pepsi Taste Test or Challenge or whatever it was called (remember these?), I ALWAYS picked Coke. Pepsi tastes like medicine to me.

I looked down and noticed that section 33 was right there. This is my lucky number. I took it as a sign.

It was pretty cool to witness Petagine's first homer. And all the lightning around the park. Stephen King, who attended the game, might have even been inspired by the eeriness. The rain did cool things down quite a bit, mercifully. The game had greasy face potential. I know I had it. But I don't think Shonda did. I don't think she sweats.

Great win. Great Fenway experience.

So, we are leading by a run in Kramerica Park. 5-3 (thanks to a sweet double from Johnny - good to have him back). I am seriously writing those people about the childish tiger roar. Are we men or little boys? I am sorry to complain about it as often as I do. Actually, I'm not.

Have you seen the new Bob's commercial? He's reached a new low. Picture this: A bedroom set, complete with 2 dressers and a double bed. The dresser drawers open and close to the sounds of a barber shop quartet singing "Migh-ty fine, at Fourteen Ninety Nine!" They've given animated life to the furniture, similar to the "chairy" character on Pee Wee's Playhouse. Who storyboards this stuff? Can I have this job?

(Rem is doing the Smedley laugh. I love that. I guess a couple of streakers found their way on the field tonight.)

Totally unrelated - any of you remember this horrible candy bar?

"Coconut Slices." Who thought this was a good idea? I didn't know one kid who saved their allowance to by this striped piece of crap.

On the other hand - how about the Marathon Bar? This is a Marathon Bar knock-off called The Curly Wurly. It looked like this, though.

Mmmm. Chocolate caramel braided goodness. You could freeze this, too, much like a Charleston Chew. Rip your teeth straight out of their gums. This was quite the recreational activity back in the day. Smashing caps with rocks and taking teeth out with caramel. Kids these days don't know from good times.


At 12:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe you met Shonda! And you got a photo too, good going! Did you tell her you'd accept a scarf from her and wear it happily for good luck unlike other ungrateful people who shall remain nameless? Hmmmm?

At 12:54 PM, Blogger 01245 said...

Nameless people (Michelle Damon) who shall remain nameless?


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