Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Tuesday Night Random Rambling

Game 2 against Texas

Jose Cruz Jr. = Gone to the West Coast. Don't let the door hit you, sir. Remlinger is very Billy Bob Thorton to me.

Soriano's at-bat at the top of the 2nd was far too long. 10 pitches? 11, maybe? All you have to do, Matt, is throw 3 outside pitches in a row. The dude swings at everything. Don't waste your time!

I wonder what happens when one of the umps doesn't do the finger point after an out is recorded. Does the out not count? I get the impression that the signal makes the out official.

They played "You Dropped a Bomb On Me" in the park when Mueller homered in the 3rd. 6th homer of the season! It's the clean "sport and shave Ken doll" look he's got going on. Here's my best guess as to the identity of the mystery music person at Fenway:

Adam, from Northern Exposure. And this Adam looks a lot like another Adam:

Speaking of lookalikes - I hate to say it, but sometimes Cora looks like Posada and this depresses me. No one has elephant flappers quite like Jorge, but there's a slight resemblance there.

Millar just sac-flied to give us the lead. 1-2.

Here's a little bit of the quiz I was talking about yesterday...

1. Woah!
2. Elizabeth! I'm coming to join you!
3. This is Carlton, your doorman.
4. Bang, Zoom!
5. Outta sight!
6. Dynomite!
7. This is my brother Daryl. And this is my other brother Daryl.
8. Dipstick!
9. Norm!
10. Something suddenly came up.
11. Ayyyyyyyyyyy!
12. ...and I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling kids.
13. ....come in Olson....
14. Weezy!
15. Up your nose with a rubber hose

If you don't get every single one of these, I'd have to be extremely disappointed. These are embarrassingly easy. The next 15 will be much harder. I promise you.

Score is currently 2-2. Jason couldn't make the tag at the plate. Wah-keen Ben-wah is up to 100 pitches, I think. Actually, he's about to throw #100. Will Manny hit a homerun and win some schmuck a new car? No, but a nice line drive drives in a run and puts us on top. Sweet. Thanks again, Manny Claus.


At 1:31 AM, Blogger Jere said...

I think it was "Orson," not "Olson." Your childhood in the Boston area may have something to do with this. Or maybe it's a typo. Or maybe I'm wrong.

As for "Ayyyy." Funny story. My friend Bruce and I, last millen', came up with a "Hey hey hey" that combined Fonzie's "Heyyyy," (or "Ayyy") with Dwayne's "Hey HEY Hey" (from What's Happening!) and Fat Albert's "Hey hey HEY!"

So it was "HEY (in growly voice) HEY (in high voice, emphasized) Hayyyyyyyyyy (in "cool" voice).

Also, two of the shows these are from were watched by me tonight.

At 6:37 AM, Blogger 01245 said...

Must have have been channeling Full House somehow.

Which shows?

At 6:34 PM, Blogger Jere said...

Sanford & Son, and Good Times. Oh, and I may have seen a little of Cheers, too. All three are regulars on TV Land nowadays.

Also, Saget was on Conan last night. You know, since you mentioned FH.


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