Thursday, August 04, 2005

Jason Finally Does It

He did it! He did it! I had a rare "yippy skippy" moment at work today when I found out that Jason finally enjoyed his first major league career grand slam. Okay, those of you who know me realize that it doesn't take much to launch me into a yippiy skippy state, but this was truly exceptional.

We were listening to the game on the radio and just as the 2nd base runner got on, the batteries died. Coincident with this, I had to walk over to Kerry's cube for actual work reasons. She was following the game via the internet, so when I approached her, she turned around and said "Can you belive this?" I knew we had some momentum going, but I didn't realize that the score suddenly peaked: 9-5, Sox. She started reading back the plays and at one point she said, "and Jason hit a grand slam." That's when I sped off like a bolt of lightening, not really knowing what to do with this glorious news. I was disappointed that I missed out on actually seeing it, but this made up for all the sadness I carried around for him after game 7 of the 2003 playoff series against the Yankees. So, Jason - I do hope you are getting some really sweet bedroom action tonight (with your WIFE, that is!). The only thing that would have made it better is if he had done it facing Mariano Rivera. That will come later in the season, folks. You heard it first from Witch City.

The Kansas City Royals with Cheese were just plain pathetic. There were women on my softball team that could give some of these jokers a run for their money. But, hey, I'll take the sweep. In fact, I'll take them both. Here she comes ...

So, tomorrow, Mo and I embark on our journey to Virginia. We are going to visit our friend Lynanne, one of the biggest Star Wars fans to grace this earth. She and her husband are in the midst of laying plans down for a "space bar" in their new home. I'm thinking it's going to be like that joint in Star Wars. I hope there's going to be a cardboard Boba Fett somewhere, peering around a corner or something. Or maybe they can mix it up and make it a little like the lounge from Star Trek, TNG. We'll have a lot to discuss, I guess. Seems that our road trip supplies are in order, too. A bag of Swedish Fish, a box of animal crackers, Pringles and Goldfish crackers (both original flavor) plus whatever delights Mo is bringing. I'll miss out on a lot of baseball action this weekend, but in return, I get a road trip with Mo. No comparison there. Road trip wins, hands down. Expect pictures and (hopefully) some good stories.

The 2nd muppet post will follow next week.



At 10:40 PM, Blogger Rebecca said...

Ah,I shall miss you. I hope you & Mo have an excellent time. I assume you got my psychotic message regarding Captain's great deed? If anything crazy like that happens again this weekend, I'd be happy to leave more insanity snippets, if you'd like.


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