Monday, July 18, 2005

Weekend Wrap

Let me first say that I am beat. It's 7:56 and I'm actually at work. Excuse me while I yawn a few thousand times.

Saturday's game, although one of the 3 losses, was still a great time. I was invited to attend with Jere, Reb and Jere's friend Pat, once again. This was my first Yankee game since April 13, 2002. Unlike April 13th, though, we did not record a come-from-behind win. We scoped out a decent patch of cement, as we had standing room tickets, to the right of home plate. It was a little hard to judge balls and strikes, but otherwise pretty damn good. I thought there were more Yankee fans in attendence than usual and they were chanting odd things. At one point, I swear I heard "Yan-kee Sal-ad!" I'm not always good at deciphering this stuff, so I'm sure this was incorrect. Randy was alright, but a far cry from lights out and poor Matty just didn't have his stuff. Long ass game, too.

We all attended the Hot Stove/Cool Music concert after the game. Jere's got lots of great shots, so I encourage you to visit his site. I took plenty of pics, but the quality is questionable at best and silly me - I didn't even think to go up to the stage for some close-ups. Empy's got some super cool photos of the concert, too. She and Jen (aka Twitch124) were there. It was pretty nice to see Empy once again and meet Jen in person (any fan of the Dropkick Murphys has got to be good people). Reb sat in their section (fairly central to the stage) while Jere, Pat, me and Kerry (aka Cubby aka K-Chan) sat to the left. Reb came over for lots of visits, though, and I captured some video of her dancing in her chair, looking very cute in her pink Red Sox shirt and pretty green and pink skirt. For those of you who haven't met her, Reb is absolute sunshine in person. Speaking of meeting people in person, I somehow mustered the nerve to introduce myself to Theo's brother, Paul, who was sitting up front, but even further to the left of the stage than us. The Epsteins are just incredible people, and Paul is no exception, as the "Charity to be Named Later" exists in large part because of him. They raised over .25 million bucks in all. The music was impressive, too - although Bronson "prettied up" his cover songs. Like I could see him sitting there, performing the same way on Good Morning America. But that's okay. I still love the guy and he's into some cool music. I think I've never spent as much time at Fenway Park in one given day as I did on Saturday. It was fabulous.

I just have 5 words for last night's game: Cora was safe at first. That was our game to have. I was so angry with the call. Saving grace of the game: I came up with a new chant for Trot: Come on Mojo Nixon! This game could use some fixin! (If you aren't familiar with The Dead Milkmen's, "Punk Rock Girl," this will only be half amusing). Mariano - aka The Skull - was so off last night. Mr. .000000000001 ERA was throwing a lot of balls. Clearly, the Yanks were nervous during our rally. I wish we could go back and create a new ending, like in Clue and Wayne's World. And hey - when are we gonna start sleeping with the umpires to get calls made in our favor? Boy, would things be different if I worked on Yawkey Way. Oh - and I really can't stand hearing Tom Gordon's nickname. From now on, I want all commentators to start calling Ramirez "Super Man"ny. It's only fair.


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