Wednesday, October 26, 2005

It's a Surpriiiiise!

It appears as though Theo rejected offer numero dos yesterday, which was for 1.2 million. Those are serious buckaroos, so I have to remain with those who believe that the issue is one of control and not of money. I also have to assume that Theo isn't the type of person to ask for more than what lies within the bounds of reason. So, what the f? I'm not going to pretend to know what goes on behind the scenes, but if Theo needs a hall pass every time he goes to the bathroom, there's a big problem.

Meanwhile, there have been some firings in the medical department. It always seems like the firings at the Red Sox come as a complete surprise to the rejected person. You ever notice that? Nomar and Jose Offerman (ugh, that was one was way overdue) were both in shock, as was Dr. Morgan. You hear commentary from everyone about how this person was such an asset to the organization and how it was a real shame that they were let go. I imagine that you could be the best mailroom person for the Red Sox, but when your number is up, well, you'd better pack up the bubble wrap. It's like the end of Mommie Dearest, when Christina is sitting with her brother, waiting to hear what Joan left them after her death, which turns out to be absolutely nothing. Why, you wonder? For reasons that are obvious to them. Or something like this. It's a total mystery.

Remember Jokey Smurf?


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