Thursday, October 06, 2005

Round 2

I almost titled this post "Oh, Crap" for obvious reasons, but decided to keep the whole Raging Bull boxing theme going instead. The worst part of last night's game was being fooled into complacency with the lead. I really thought we had the W for a while. Wells gave us the pitching we needed to put these guys away, but our defense and offense was a real disappointment. Incidentally, I think that Graffy redeemed himself there in the 9th with his crazy double. It's not his fault that Johnny and Edgar farted all over the ball. That was a frustrating loss for us all.

I guess that I sort of take comfort in the fact that we tend to perform well with our backs against the wall. And we'll be at home. Must wins for Friday and Saturday to stay in the series.

Oh, and a cute little side story: I recently purchased a set of Red Sox fuzzy dice for my car. They dangle around alongside my sushi air freshener. In traffic this morning, I glanced over to my right to find an older man giving me the nod. For his rear view mirror was adorned with the same dice. I nodded back and smiled, taking it as a sign for our next game.

I'm all in for Friday.


At 11:16 AM, Blogger Rebecca said...

KO in round three. And you and I scream NOOOOOOO! as our last hopes for those seats this weekend flush down the drain...

ah, well - next year.


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