Saturday, October 01, 2005

Total and Complete Bullshit

I just don't think it's fair that we hold on in 1st place for nearly 3 months and then we basically hand the Yankees yet ANOTHER division title when there is still another game to play and we could very well tie shit up after tomorrow. I understand that this is the rule (10-9 edge in regular-season play ), but I don't agree with it. It's like someone builds an entire house, all except for laying down a few roof shingles - but the person who hammers in the last couple of nails gets to say that they built the house themselves, you know? And they take credit for it. Not fair. NOT FAIR.

And how about that Matsui base running, huh? Way to go, cheater! Can you even believe that he wasn't called out on that TOTALLY OBVIOUS OUTSIDE THE LINE JAUNT TO THE BAG? It took, like, THREE umpires to confirm the terrible call. Were they all high? Because that was awful.

And, hmmm ... no Papelbon? A sure thing who was rested and ready to go and they stick CHAD BRADFORD in? They must have figured that they were going to lose or something, that the division title wasn't worth it.

I am really seething right now. I think we'll get in on the wild card and feel pretty confident that we'll have ourselves another post season, but the point is, we worked so hard for that title and we totally deserved it. Damn Yankees. Continuing to be the bane of my existence. Continuing to take credit for things they don't deserve. And they're going to sit around and celebrate tonight. They're going to kick back and drink champagne and laugh it up, all the while thinking that they got something they worked really f'n hard for.

At least Manny got two great homers off of RJ, and Graffy got one. And it was one of those homers that bounced right above the red line, which probably really incensed Torre because it couldn't be disputed.

The key to us losing, I think, was Edgar getting struck out with the bases loaded. I really wish one of the 3 homers had come at that critical time. And I thought Renteria could hit off the Unit. Not today, I guess.

I hope we are learning a few things here (that means you, Francona) because, chances are, we are going to have to play these ass clowns again in the post season, so please have your ducks in a row.


At 12:16 PM, Anonymous Andrew said...

Not to either be too technical or count chickens, but if we win today, we are as much division champs as they are. The head to head stuff matters only for the purposes of playoff seeding; we'll be lsited either as champs or as co-champs everywhere it'll matter. All we have to do is win today.

At 4:00 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

Smile! We're up 6-0 and the Injuns are losing again. I wish we could win before the Indians lose, or we'll be Wild Carders before we win, starting some idiots to say that we backed in. But that's laughable. Have fun.

At 10:11 AM, Blogger Buca said...

No worries. There is nothing special about division champs. Keep in mind that Wild Cards have won the Series for the last three years. Be angry at the Boston media for screwing up how things would play out were we tied with the Yanks. Never did they mention division wins handing them the Division title.

At 10:28 AM, Blogger 01245 said...

I'm not unhappy. I knew our boys would end up in the post season. Any other scenario would be unimaginable to me. But, it's just the way the Yankees got the title that pisses me off. I'm getting over it, though :)

Buca - This is becoming more and more clear to me after all my co-workers started walking in today (media irresponsibility). No one was considering this stupid possibility when they left here on Friday night.

But I'm not bitter.

At 1:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love how all you Red sux fans cry. Is that born in you, or do you cultivate it being a sux fan? All you people do is place blame and alibi. I suppose I would be as you all are given the years and years of torture at the hands of one team. Unlike you all, I don't hate the sux. I just hate all you Red sux fans. Your all rude, crude, and very poor sports.

At 7:40 PM, Blogger 01245 said...

Hey Anonymous - Spamming my blog and not leave your name is a cowardly act. I take it that you are a Yankee fan. As "rude" as you think I might be, I have never left such a pathetic and shallow message on anyone's non-Red Sox blog.

Firstly, anyone can see how unfair it is for a team with the SAME regular season record to run off with the division title. I don't make the rules, but I have to live with them and this is my blog, so you're damn right that I'll complain about them here.

Secondly, if you are indeed a Yankee fan, I can only guess that you came here AFTER your beloved team choked yet again. So, lucky you - you're about to start feeling the torture. I hope you drown in it. You and Billy Crystal and Penny Marshall stupid Michael Kay.


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