Saturday, October 01, 2005

One Down

If I get this bottle cap in the trash from across the room, the Sox are going to win tonight.

Look! The cat has contorted himself in a way that isn't catly possible! It's a good sign for the Sox.

How can we lose? My meter expired 30 minutes ago and I didn't get a ticket.

Does this irrational thinking sound familiar? I get like this during critical Sox-Yankees games.

There was quite a lot of strange "even Steven" stuff going on in last night's game. Damon got trapped in a weird and careless run down, but it was balanced by an error charged to A-Rod. Each pitcher threw 25 in the 1st. Each team scored a run in the 1st. Both A-Rod and Damon got a walk and stole 2nd in the 1st. But Jason broke the tie with a long homer, and Wells tightened up his game, while Wang struggled and so did the Yankees' offense.

And then there was the big inning. Lots of me getting up and screaming, fists up in the air and slapping my couch, the same way the fans slap the seats. I am sure you can all relate to this.

Can you believe long Joe kept Wang in the game? I really thought he would be managing better, but I don't think it's his fault that his bullpen sucks ass. While the Sox pen was simply magical. Myers. Oh my God. Was that Matsui out not the best? I saw a little smile on Mike's face as he was signaled to get off the mound by the skipper (with a hard slap on the butt). And Timlin. Lights fucking out. I loved it.

The fans did an excellent job, per the usual. Screaming in unison for Papi, letting A-Rod know who the real MVP is.

What a great victory. Sox style. Thank you, David Wells, for another big game performance. This time, for us. Can't wait for this afternoon.

And on the mojo front: I've been playing This Corrosion by The Sisters of Mercy over and over and over. I am doing my job, coach. (How fitting can you get with angelic choir sounds and lyrics like: Gimme the Ring, Gimme the Ring)


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