Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Game Tworonto

I was feeling pretty confident approaching the park last night. I really thought it was going to be Curt's first "Curt" start. I should have relied on my Seinfeld "opposite" theory. My gut had me hooked all the way up to the 5-5 tie. I thought, too, that Hansen was going to get in there an be all lights out on the Jays. There was an electric charge in the air. I felt it. The cheers for the O's when the scoreboard flipped to reveal their lead were intense.

First, I want to note that Edgar was 3 for 3 going into the 8th. He screwed up a line drive at some point (also in the 8th or maybe the 9th, I think), but his offense is really firing up. And with the stinky bullpen we now have, we are really going to need the bats. 'Cause we ain't winnin' no titles with our pitching staff.

Second, I am really pissed off because we should have won last night's game. We had opportunities and we really blew them. Johnny swinging at a wicked outside pitch in the 9th. And Millar, not getting anything done, as usual. I don't know what to say about Kevin at this point. Honestly, I think he should be benched for the year. That's a strong opinion, but he has had ample time to find his game, and ok, I guess there was a key defensive play last night, but where are all his RBIs this year? Actually, last night's loss belonged to the pitchers. If you can't win a game against the sub .500 Blue Jays with 12 hits and 5 runs, well, I just don't know.

At least we only lost by 2. The Yankees suffered a humiliating loss against the O's and boy was that fun. 17-9. That's an 8 run gapper. My co-worker, Tom, and I wonder if a team should be charged after a loss like that. Like, if you lose your game by, say, 8 or more runs, you get slapped with the "gap penalty." It immediately sets you .5 games back. A team could gain the .5 game if they beat on another team and win by 8 or more games. It could make things interesting, but in, the end, you'd have a lot of teams up or down by half games and that wouldn't work out from a practical angle. I could totally hear Remy, though, talking about the threat of one during games, in his sweet Boston accent. "If they ahn't cahful, the Red Sox might get a gap penalty aftah this one. They bettah step it up."

And lastly, we really need to win the next 2 games, reader. And I think we will.


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