Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Last Night and a New Blog Plug

Last night (she said) was a wash out. Pat, I've gotta thank you again for enabling me to go to the game, although I am certain that you won't be giving up your Oct 1st ticket. Only a crazy person would do such a thing. So, I met Jere at the park and waited in the bleachers. I looked out at the people gathering, listened to the bubble gum 50's music they play when the gates open and thought: It's totally going to clear up. This is important to note because I am now realizing that my instinct is starting to crap out. And now is not a good time for instincts to crap out. I guess I could employ a George Costanza sort of strategy and go with opposite of what my gut tells me. Damn it, now I'm complicating things. Creating more work for myself during an already crazy baseball time. Thanks a lot, inner soul! So, he met me at the seat and we decided to find Andrew at his infamous 12-8 spot. We were able to hang out with him (under cover) for a bit as the rain really started coming in. Then, I suggested that we try to sit in seats in the Drinkwater/Theo vicinity since there were lots of empties. Jere agreed, still hopeful that we wouldn't be rained out. No such luck. They called the game at 7:30 or so.

The good news is that he was able to get tickets for tonight's game by turning in my ticket + $100 to a (word that rhymes with yalper) for some decent seats. He is also at today's game, as is Andrew. Speaking of bloggers, I am sending a public thank you to Rebecca, for she is giving me her extra playoff ticket (at face value). This woman rocks the hou'.

Oh, and hey - there's a new Sox blog out there and it's a pretty good one. Pixies fan from Providence known simply as J.S. Check out this person's blog entitled Baseball Heavy Heavy (Heavy!) Duty (Duty!), a' heavy duty rock and rolllllll. Anyway, it's a good bloggerino.

And remember, people - the only reason we are lagging behind the Yanks is mother nature! We are not doomed!


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