Thursday, October 27, 2005

Today is the Day

According to the Globe today is d-day. Decision day, that is. Technically, the contract doesn't expire until Monday evening, but I guess the deal is going down today. Interesting article, by Bob Ryan. One worth reading. It doesn't really say anything you didn't already know - except that it reveals Theo's interest in this job when he was attending Yale. But, the article pretty much encapsulates my feelings on the matter, and I'm guessing yours, too, reader.

Oh, and congratulations to the Chicago fans. Although, secretly, I was rooting for the Astros. They just seem a lot more likable to me. Had the Astros been the Cubbies, I really would have been glued to the series, but I just don't care for the White Sox, I guess. They are like robots to me. Where's the warm and fuzzy?


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