Thursday, November 03, 2005

Yeah, baby!


114 BOS
100 NY

They were riveting in overtime.

Like Nomar, Paul Pierce has a name that was made for the Boston accent.

Pau Peas (in this case, you leave out the "l" in Paul and go straight to the P in Pierce)
Nomah Gah see a pah rah (I still miss you, numbah 5)


At 11:58 AM, Anonymous Joey The Greyhound said...

I really wish I could get excited about the Celtics and basketball in general, but I find it challenging. It seems like such a different game now. Call me old-fashioned but I long for the days of Larry, Magic, Kareem, Robert Parrish, McHale, MJ et al when, yes, they made some serious cash, but it was more for the love of the game.
The little I read about the Celts says they have a promising good young team (in spite of Danny Ainge's incompetence as a GM)Hey Theo, want to take a crack at Basketball? Oh sorry Dan Shaughnessy says you aren't qualified because you didn't play basketball but Larry Lucchino did!But I think I have to pin my hopes this year on the Patriots...

At 12:46 PM, Blogger 01245 said...

Deltone West and Ricky Davis - my expectations are pretty high for them both. A healthy Raef will be a bonus.

I am not a fan of Ainge. But I do love Doc Rivers (who threw out the opening pitch at Fenway his first day on the job - it was good luck!) and his in first year with the Celtics, he brought Boston a division championship, so, who knows? Things could be turning around. The youth will be the key. Young players that they can develop. I, for one, am excited. What would be cool is if they could bring Walker back for a THIRD time. Maybe they'll save that for the end of the season. Jackie MacMullan did an interesting piece on this last year. Like, comparing how well the C's did once Walker was back. I don't understand why they keep getting rid of him. Clearly, he brings out the best in Pierce. I wonder if they have a "Walker Box" in the pro shops, just waiting to bring them out again.


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