Monday, October 31, 2005

Open Letter (to a Former GM)

Dear Theo,


I am stunned. The last time I think I felt this way was, ironically, July 31, 2004. Little did I know how important that day was destined to be. Unfortunately, I don't think the Red Sox are going to benefit at all from your loss. In fact, we are going right down the crapper, to be sure. None of us really know what happened behind closed doors, but I'm pretty sure the only two people who will be coming to Lucchino's emotional rescue now are (1) his wife (she scares me) and (2) Shaughnessy.

I don't know you personally, but there are a few things that have become very apparent over your short time with the Red Sox and because of these things, I say to you (Good Will Hunting style): It's not your fault. I will always admire your strong work ethic, your charitable nature, your ability to take risks, your instincts and your amazing character. You worked. We saw the results and believed. You delivered. We swooned.

You will be missed and although they say that everyone is replaceable, I've got to disagree in your case. If leaving is what you had to do, then I have to believe that it was your only choice. Your last bold move with the Red Sox. And if it was indeed the right thing to do, I am sure that it will pave the way for better things in your future.

I am not without disappointment, though. I stupidly and naively thought, with all the crazy comings and goings on Yawkey Way, that you would be the one constant. It gave me comfort. In the back of my mind, though, I knew you wouldn't be able to keep pace without some concessions, some compromises. And maybe you bent as far as you could. We all have a breaking point. A line in the sand. You refused to be stepped on. I admire that. But none of this changes the fact that we are really screwed, Epstein. The two-year old in me is screaming - But what about Hot Stove and a Charity to be Named Later? What about the GM Meetings? What about all the good times?

Nothing is forever. I just thought we'd have you a little longer.

Good luck. You're going to kick ass, no matter what you decide to do. I just hope it entails 8 solid hours of sleep a night. You deserve that.



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