Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Dave Swappin' and Other Stuff

Is this really within the realm of possibility? [A snippet from the San Diego Union Tribune:]

Assuming Dave Roberts is not shipped to Boston as part of a package for the 42-year-old David Wells...

This isn't the first time I have heard this during the offseason. I also heard that any deal involving Wells would be shelved until the spring, so ...

The Piazza to the Padres deal is a head-scratcher. I saw him doing booth commentary at the end of last season and I thought he was going down that road. But then he threw us all a zinger by announcing that he wasn't done playing. THEN, he actually drummed up interest from the Bronx (albeit just a little interest). Finally, he was inked by the Padres, who are really just throwing another artifact into the mix. And what about Doug Mirabelli? In all sincerity, I always thought Piazza was an ok dude. Taking broken bats and fastballs to the head with such dignity and what-have-you.

On a Crisp note: I saw his interview on mlb.com and I've got to say that I really like the guy. Personality-wise. A lot.


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