Friday, January 27, 2006


Menino is right to stand strong against the Sox's requests for public funding. Seriously, man, what is the deal with this?

Besides trying for the Cleveland Indians' Coco Crisp, the Sox continue to vie for $55 million in public money for transportation and other infrastructure improvements in the Kenmore/Fenway/Longwood neighborhoods. However, getting a glove on the money means getting around the reservations that Mayor Tom Menino continues to express. Asked about the Sox proposal at an event on Tuesday night, Menino wondered anew why state legislators can find money for the Sox, but not for other needs.

But not for other needs. Like education, transportation for our own public school students, etcetera. Ask a homeless person what he or she thinks of the Sox not being able to obtain 55 mil for "infrastructure improvements in the Kenmore/Fenway/Longwood neighborhoods" and he or she might tell you to go screw.

I wonder if they pitch it like: You give us 55 million, and we'll continue to make sure that out of town baseball fans dump all their hard earned dollars into Boston. Or some variation of it. Otherwise, I couldn't imagine that much public money going to the Sox over the schools. And Massport. Geez, I'd rather see the subways get a little heat in the winter than more seating in the park!


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