Thursday, May 18, 2006

Philly Bound

So, I've already mentioned that I lived in Philly once. Indeed, this is true. At another (earlier) point in my life, I lived in South Jersey, just over the Ben Franklin Bridge. I actually count that as living in Philadelphia, also, even though it was technically Jersey. While I was a Garden State resident, I spent a good number of quiet Sundays in Philadelphia (I was far too young to have a lonely and pathetic existence then, but I tried to think of it as a "soul searching" time.)

Anyway, I love the Philadelphia Art Museum. And I really enjoy the area surrounding it. I once sat in the raging summer sun (it gets super hot there in July) to paint the view from the museum steps to City Hall. I sketched in watercolor, then translated it to a little abstract painting. Why I chose to add another steeple on is beyond me.

Actual View:

Kim's Wacko Abstract Interpretation (1998):

I forgot to mention that I do, in fact, like the Phillies quite a bit. Pat Burrell, Jimmy Rollins and Bobby Abreu are decent players. It's also the team that once staffed Curt Schilling and Francona. I've definitely got a soft spot. But, in the end, I'm traveling there to watch the Red Sox beat the Phillies.


At 2:07 PM, Anonymous Wormtownred said...


Do you kow how much I love that painting. I loved that whole phase. You should liknk up an on-line gallery of your work. Man -o- man.

At 4:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey - I remember that painting. I love it, too.
I've got my new computer now & can finally read your blog without crashing!
I'll be popping in...
Mrs. Joey

At 9:09 AM, Blogger 01245 said...

You guys are too kind :) Thanks!


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