Thursday, May 11, 2006

Series, Tied

I saw the last night's pooper with my friend Dan last night. Like a bottle of Coke in the blazing summer sun, it started out promising, but soon went flat. I mentally rinsed the game down the sink around the 8th. I figured, if we couldn't get a rally going by then, our chances of winning were pretty nil. I sometimes think the players feel this way, too. Like they give up in the 9th and start getting a bunch of easily fielded hits as if to say, "Eh, let's just get this over with and go home." I guess I'd rather see that than a strike out with bases loaded and 2 outs. Slightly less frustrating, as the hope fades gradually over the span of 3 easy outs.

Anyway, I look forward to tonight's rubber game. I'm scouting laudromats in Somerville. I'm on the lookout for one with:

  1. A Television (with NESN, of course)

  2. WiFi

  3. A Sushi Bar

  4. A Dunkin Donuts Kiosk

  5. A Fresh Copy of Us Magazine (I admit that I like to read this trashy garbage. While I'm admitting this, I'll tell you that I also read Martha Stewart Living. I find the layout irresistible. The fonts, the photography, the colors. It's like kryptonite to me.)

  6. Sweet Parking

  7. A Tarot Card Reader, or Fortune Teller, like Madame Ruby

  8. A Scanner/Printer

  9. Dryers that work really, really well. The kind that come within a couple of seconds of burning holes in your clothes.

Alright, this is a tall order. I'd be happy with the NESN and exceptional dryers. So, can you guess where I'll be tonight? You know you're in rough shape when you go out and buy underwear because you don't have time to wash it.

I hope the wind works in Wakefield's favor tonight. I also hope that Harris isn't in the line up.

Oh, and Jere and Reb went to the game last night together, in the Bronx. See their respective sites for details!


At 11:49 PM, Blogger Rebecca said...

oh, god. I hate seeing Harris in the lineup. Can't believe he's hitting under .100

At 12:21 AM, Blogger JS said...

10. Open 24 hours
11. A change machine that pays out 4 quarters for a dollar, NOT 3 quarters and one dime.

At 12:38 PM, Blogger 01245 said...

Reb-Yeah, it's hard to watch Harris at the plate. He's a decent pinch runner, though.

JS - The new laundromat I went to didn't even have their hours posted. I may have inadvertently stumbled on a 24-7 joint.


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