Thursday, December 08, 2005

Marte for Renteria

Anyone else think this is a weird deal?

[I just heard that Marte was acquired to be used as trade bait as part of a deal that would potentially bring Lugo to Boston. As Patrick the photographer says: Julio, ok? Little known fact: Julio and I share the same birthday. From his scouting report: One of Lugo's biggest problems is trying too hard to come up with big hits, often jumping at pitches and swinging for the fences. He made strides to correct that, nearly tripling his number of doubles while hitting less than half as many home runs as the year before. When Lugo stays within his game, he can spray the ball around the field with enough power to hit it into the gaps. He also has the speed and ability to scratch his way onto base with bunts and infield hits.]


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