Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Nomar Dignity

I am so glad that I never went ahead with my plan of purchasing a customized Red Sox jersey (it was supposed to read "Always Love" in the back, where the player name typically goes, and "5" was meant to be the number). How foolish would I feel parading that around in lieu of what is likely going to happen with Nomar? I want to wave my finger in front of his face, snicker and say "Shame on you. You know better." But he needs dough like anybody, I suppose. And if Torre is going to pitch to him and the Yankees are willing to bring him on board, what is he supposed to say? Still, it saddens me, the way this whole thing panned out. Like the great Jimmy Carter was too decent a man to be President of the United States, Nomar is to the Yankees.

Property of New York



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