Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tuesday Jibba Jabba

First and foremost, I have to send a big congratulatory wish to the president of my company. Our Red Sox children's book (86 Years - The Legend of the Boston Red Sox) can now be found in the pages of the current People Magazine. Not that I would ever read a trashy, fluffy, scandal-filled rag such as this - heavens, no. But, it's on page 69 (in the Jennifer/Ben new baby article). One of my co-workers tends bar part time at a restaurant in Cambridge and one of the regulars happens to be a dude that Ben grew up with. My co-worker gave the book to this guy (Marc McGovern is his name - and it appears in the magazine twice, so it's okay to mention here) a while ago, in hopes that he would pass it along to Ben who might publicly endorse it in some way. What we got was so much better. Marc gave it to Ben for his new daughter and went on the record as saying, "We're going to raise this baby right." So far, we have real life testimonials from Stephen King, Johnny Damon, Tim Wakefield, and future Hall of Famer, Jim Rice. I love working for such a Red Soxy company.

I guess the Tejada rumors have hushed, but I doubt that they are going to diminish. Unless we get Alex Gonzales or another SS.

And the heartbreaker of the day: Nomar might be in pinstripes in the spring. As a first baseman, I guess. Can you even imagine this? I know that Nomie has every right to pursue opportunities that better his career and after he was dealt away from us, we can't judge him for contacting our rivals. But, why, Nomar, why? Why'ja hafta talk to them? Oh, I just can't stand it.

Co-GMs. What a joke. John Henry is like the cheerleading coach from my high school who didn't dare give the honor of captain to just one of the twins on the squad (Tricia and Tracy - the impossibly beautiful girls who haunted my entire childhood by being the darlings of the class and the object of Michael L.'s attention, who was the object of mine). No, they had to be co-captains. Since I didn't really pay much attention to the dramas of the cheerleading squad in high school, I honestly don't know how that all worked out. But, imagine if a rock band had two lead singers. I know what you're thinking: Milli Vanilli. There's my point. Nothing good ever comes from this type of dynamic. Some one has got to be in charge and there has to be a clear chain of command. And no lip synching!

Theo may or may not come back as a consultant/advisor. I have no idea what this really means. I wish there could be a meaningful press conference at some point. One that doesn't insult our intelligence and one that isn't full of nebulous blah, blah. It won't happen. It's nebulous or nothing. And speaking of things that won't happen, Roger Clemens will not pitch for the Red Sox again. Why do these things even get entertained? So we contacted his agent - so what? Were we the only ones contacting him? What says you, Dean? I doubt it. It was pretty much a routine move because the Astros didn't offer him arbitration.

Looks like Matt Clement isn't long for our world either.

[Update: I understand that Milli Vanilli is not rock, per say. Not only did they not rock, but they didn't do much of anything real. Also not rocking: Donny and Marie, Sunny and Cher, Captain and Tennille. And none of these represent the classic rock and roll band type that I'm getting at. I suppose KISS had a limelight sharing thing happening, but I'd still have to say that Paul Stanley was the front man. And maybe Paul McCartney and John Lennon shared lead vocals, but Paul was much more of a lead type figure. So, my point is, there weren't two Roger Daltrys running around the stage whipping the mic around. There weren't two Diamond Daves leaping up into the air in a split, and there weren't two Tom Keifers. Thank goodness.]


At 3:54 PM, Anonymous Steve said...

Jibba Jabba?? Is this a throw back to the Allston house??? The West Clan?
And, not to be a geek about it....but John was the lead singer of the Beatles...it's well documented. There...I said it.

At 3:58 PM, Blogger 01245 said...

That speaks precisely to my point, then. The ambiguity is confusing. For the Beatles, I suppose it worked, but they used a lot of drugs and whatnot/whathaveyou.

Where are all those West kids these days?

At 4:17 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

You know what, I totally agree with you about Matt C. I think he is history in that he will be a part of the soon to come trade to fill the SS hole. I'm so sure of it.....and I don't feel one way or the other about it because of his lousy second half last year. He was just plain batting-practice awful.

At 4:22 PM, Anonymous Steve said...

Not sure...
I know Maura Jo is still kickin it as a soap star...
If I had to guess...I would say Amy is a professor somewhere. And Pete...well, if he's living his dream, then he's probably somewhere within the Yankee organization. (Pretty high up I would suspect.)


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