Thursday, December 08, 2005

Screwed at Short

Eric Wilbur's right. Unless the Red Sox have some huge and masterful plan in place, we are looking at some pretty bland options for SS.

1. Alex Gonzalez. Who?
2. Royce Clayton. Huh?
3. Pokey Reese. Great, but stinko offensive production and incredibly injury-prone.
4. Alex Cora. I like him, but he's not ready for the daily grind.
5. Crayons.

Is it me, or do the priorities seem a little off? We had a short stop (albeit, one with a disappointing 2005 season, but still) and we just acquired a new 3rd baseman. Why do we need another 3rd baseman, like, the next day? And why is no one talking about my no-brainer idea to move Youk to 1st and make him play every day in '06?

If Theo were still with the Sox, I would KNOW that there was a brilliant plan in place, but since that isn't the case, I am quite convinced that we'll wind up with train wrecks at 1st, in center, and in left. And what's this crap I hear about Trot going to Seattle? For what? Maybe they are paying some people big bucks to toss some fake and outrageous rumors out there to confuse the competition. What says you, Magic 8 Ball? "Reply hazy, try again."


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