Friday, April 21, 2006

J.B. vs A.J.B.

Although the Tampa Bay series ended on a sour note, the Red Sox are going into their upcoming Toronto series with a pretty impressive record (11-5). One word about last night - I think the reason that Kazmir didn't hit any batters was because Millar is no longer on the team. He was hit twice last year by Kazmir. This is mainly because Millar gears himself up like a storm trooper when he plays, making himself a pretty easy target for an inside pitch. Also, Kevin does tend to get pretty close to the strike zone with his person. Ever think that Kazmir was claiming the plate? If Youkilis is the Greek God of Walks, then Millar is the King of Hit Batters. Either way, the Sox get a base runner. [Kazmir also hit Manny last year, and for this, I have no explanation.]

So, it's going to be J. Beckett vs. A.J. Burnett. This should be a pretty interesting match up.

I've stated on this blog - way back when - that Geddy Lee has season tickets to all the Jays games. Look for him behind home plate.


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