Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Patriot's Day Game

Walk off game winning home runs are the best. Especially if you're at the park. Jere and I went to the game together, and you can probably see from his latest post, he was successful in attending two games on Patriot's Day - one in Boston, and one in New York. He witnessed Pedro obtaining his 200th win last night at Shea Stadium. Lucky guy. I guess that Shea delivers a rather disappointing park experience. Thanks to Jere, I no longer feel the need to go.

I shot some digital video of one of Manny's at-bats, hoping that it would result in a home run - something I could share with you all. Instead, I wasted lots of card space on a strike out. So, I've got that going for me. Trot had a couple of key hits in the game, which made me realize how much I had missed him. But, oh, that's right, Trot is totally overrated. DiNardo pitched okay - had he not received all the run support, though, he probably would have been scrutinized a bit more today. Foulke's first inning of relief was great. But he unraveled in his second. Timlin got us out of the jam with only one additional run scoring (charged to Foulke). He pitched another scoreless inning, setting the stage for the fantastic two-run homer by Loretta (his first with the Sox). Youk deserves credit, too, for getting on base a bunch of times, specifically in the key moment before Loretta's at-bat.

The weekend contained a few random coincidences, though one was rather bizarre for me. I volunteered for an Animal Rescue League event on Saturday and in the midst of setting up tables, I became acquainted with another fellow volunteer. She and I got to chatting and she happened to mention that she lived in Somerville. I told her that I, too, lived in Somerville. I mentioned the street, and she replied, "What number?" As it turns out, she is two doors down. Same side of the street. On top of this, she mentioned that both a one and a two bedroom apartment would be opening up in her building in September, which is when my lease is up and I was planning on getting out of my one-room studio living situation. Pretty sweet.


At 12:01 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

You must have had SUCH a good time. It was great on NESNHD with the grill going, a few friends, playing hookie like myself, and erupting into mess-making jubilation as "Get Back", wayyyyy back Loretta, did his stuff. I'm happy you were there to take that all in, and with good company.


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