Monday, April 10, 2006

No Co

Coco's out for an indefinite period of time due to a broken finger. I'm a little peeved because the injury was preventable. I still support the steal from a "general baseball" perspective in that even unsuccessful attempts teach pitchers that they should never be comfortable when Crisp is on base. But Coco wasn't even close to making it and it cost him. And us. I hope he isn't out for long. Good thing we've got Adam Stern to cover for Crisp in the meantime. He is a fine replacement, both defensively and offensively. At the very least, Coco should not feel any pressure to come back before he's ready. But, damn, I can't wait to see Crisp take centerfield when I'm at a game.

Awesome game yesterday. Both Papelbon and Foulke were used in relief. The main difference is that Papelbon was brought in after Foulke. From

Francona felt Foulke might be effective in the eighth facing a pair of lefthanded hitters in No. 9 hitter Corey Patterson and leadoff man Dave Newhan because of his changeup, and his hunch was right. Foulke struck out leadoff man Brian Roberts (a switch-hitter who pinch hit for Chris Gomez), and Patterson, then got Newhan on a bunt attempt he lined softly to J.T. Snow at first.

Jon has another successful major league appearance under his belt. And seriously, he really needs a nickname.

Did you see Kevin Millar stinking up Camden Yards yesterday? Honestly, my heart goes out to him, but I'm glad we have dependable players at first base now. Who knows? Maybe Millar will find his game and enjoy a rebirth of his old self soon. It's clear that the O's have got to get their ducks in a row. Even Tejada was less than impressive this weekend. And ordinarily, I really enjoy watching him play. Or work. Whatever we're supposed to call it. (Sorry, PD, but it's true.)

The upcoming series with Toronto should be very interesting. I'm curious to see how we stack up against the newly reconstructed Blue Jays.


At 11:31 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

I cannot wait for 2pm tomorrow. And I took the afternoon off, as I do every Sox opening day and opening home game day if they differ. Or as Jere puts it in his own inimitable style, the "homo." All smiles here, and let's hope that "one month" timetable, which is not official, becomes a few days instead. Have a great week, my Somerville friend.

At 10:22 PM, Blogger Rebecca said...

//he really needs a nickname.//
I really should have gotten him to show us the "pappy" tattoo so we could photograph. next time.

nice marinish color, btw. tricky girl.

At 7:18 AM, Blogger 01245 said...

Pappy's good, but I think we can go a little sillier.

I can see myself getting addicted to the colors. Could be dangerous.


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