Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Rubber Game Jibba

In the few minutes that I've been playing catch up with this game (finally, I was given a thumbs-up by the Salem Historic Commission, but that story is getting pretty tired, so I won't go into it again) and I've already noticed a few of things:

  1. Beckett shakes Jason off. A lot. I don't know if this is good or bad yet. So far, he's kept the Rangers to 1, so ...
  2. No run support. Manny's bat is still asleep, but his swing is good. He's just got to make a little contact (Wrote too soon - Trotter just yanked two runs in with a sweet homer. And people say he's overrated. Screw them - Trot rocks.)
  3. Coco Crisp is fucking fast on the bases. That triple at the bottom of the 6th might have been a single for a guy like Ortiz. I was so disappointed that Coco's work was squandered there. I really, really like Coco. I will probably grow to love him. And then, at the height of my love, when he becomes a free agent, he won't get resigned and I'll make a silly movie about it.
  4. Loe (that's Lowe minus the dubbya) gave the Rangers a quality start (6 shut out innings). Too bad for them he couldn't keep it going. I'll bet that Loe is just as tall as Hansen. Another funny thing is that Loe's first name is Kameron. Which, of course, rhymes with Singles director (and husband of Heart sister, Nancy Wilson), Cameron Crowe.
  5. Gonzalez could be an offensive surprise for us this year. Not a powerhouse or anything, but a consistent base hit type guy.

I love how Benoit's name is pronounced BEN-WAH. I went to junior high with a kid named Scott Benoit and he pronounced it BUHN-OYT. Also, I knew a guy named Adam Abreu (grammar school, grades 5 and 6) and it was AY-BROO. Not UH-BRAY-OO (as in Bobby from the Phillies).


At 6:01 PM, Blogger Jere said...

It's like how hockey player Benoit Hogue is "Ben-WAH," but b-baller Benoit Benjamin is "ba-NOYT."

Note: Wayne's World is on HBO, and Garth said "Benjamin" (Rob Lowe) as I was writing the word "Benjamin" above. And now Wayne and Cassandra are also saying multiple "Benjamin"s while I'm writing these other "Benjamin"s.

It's all about them, I guess.


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