Saturday, April 08, 2006

Fourth Inning Thoughts

I knew Wily Mo's strike outs were going to frustrate me, but at least I expected them (Still, though, Chen's throwing it way upstairs and Mo is swinging at every single pitch and totally missing.). What I didn't expect was Coco's attempt to steal third after successfully stealing second (Didn't he realize that Chen was going to be paying attention after the first steal?). I still support the attempt even though he was tagged out easily by Mora, but it was odd. Papi's trying to get to second on his rip to right field was also strange. That probably could have been an inside the park home run for Coco, but for Ortiz, it was definitely a single and he knew it. You could see it on his face as he got closer to the second base bag.

Jerry Remy just accused the Aflac duck of having "junk in the trunk" this year.


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