Monday, April 10, 2006

Signed and Sealed

Looks like David will be crushing balls for the Red Sox through 2010 (with an option for another year). I'm really glad that is done. I didn't expect that Front Office would ever let Papi slip through their fingers, but it's a relief to see the thing inked. Also, it's great to know that Steinbrenner will have to continue to salivate over Ortiz from afar. I wonder if he's asked some of his staff to Photoshop David in pinstripes, just so he can fantasize with it in his spare time.

In other Red Sox news: Crisp has "non-displaced fracture at the base of his left index finger." They're going to splint him up for 10 days, then reevaluate. Coco actually said that he felt as though he could have played yesterday. What a nut. A Coconut.


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