Friday, June 23, 2006


Nice guy.

I am really confused about this. Here's a hypothetical scenario: Suppose I get arrested for whatever. Shop lifting or something. My employer finds out and decides, because I'm heading up a project, I'm going to go right back to work immediately and start doing (the stuff that project managers like myself do). Is this even remotely likely? How come ballplayers, wait, professional athletes, own (literally) a get out of jail free card? Where is the shame? Why hasn't the commissioner intervened? At my job, I'm certain that my boss would find a replacement for me pretty fast. When a guy goes on the disabled list, doesn't management have to scramble to find someone to fill the hole? Why isn't Myers mandated to stay out of the rotation until this thing is over? What kind of message does this send to the fans? And who in the world stays with a man who hits you? Even once? I'm sorry, but, there's no "we can work this thing out" in domestic abuse cases. Also, Myers has the worst eyebrows I have ever seen. They're big and pronounced, but also perfectly manicured. Just the type of eyebrows a person who beats his wife would have. I feel bad for the rest of the Phillies. They don't deserve to be associated with King Jackassness.

One last question - what's the deal with this make believe rivalry between the Red Sox and the Phillies? One rivalry isn't enough? (alright, that's 2 more questions). I think the folks in the MLB marketing department thought, "Hey, these Red Sox fans sure like a good rivalry. Let's create a National League rival for them. Brilliant!" Sorry, MLB marketers. I actually like the Phillies.

On a positive note - I've got to hand it to Miguel Cabrera. No one intentionally walks ME! That's a great story.


At 9:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Atlanta was the Red Sox "natural" geographic rival before the Expos moved to Washington and rearranged everyone's in the East Divisions except ny-ny. The situation has just been exascerbated with this year's decision to have home and away series between the natural rivals.

And, furthermore: She posted his bail. I doubt there is much chance of getting a conviction. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? I'm surprised. Massachusetts is well-known in the rest of America for being the leading state in protecting individual rights. What if you get an over-zealous prosecutor, out to make a name for himself by taking down a mighty project manager, one who was appointed and never elected but who must face election soon and win or step down? Would you expect to be taken off the project without being convicted? Or have the whole team sit out a season?


P.S. Be prepared to turn in your blue state card if you do that.

At 10:07 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

This Myers is a menace, and I hope we pummel him. The rain should be to the east of town by 1 or 2. I hope,

At 10:10 AM, Blogger The Couch Potato said...

Anon. - "Overzealous prosecutor" my a**. First of all, it's very common for abused people to recant, post bail, and generally assume that it's their fault it happened. At this point, many courts have been educated about the dynamics of domestic violence & it's still possible to get a conviction, especially in a scenario like this one, where there were witnesses & it was in public. Also, despite posting his bail, Mrs Myers filed a temporary restraining order & he cannot have contact with her, at least while they are still in Mass.

She is also reported to have shouted at him, "I'm not gonna let you do this to my anymore" (italics mine), again, reported by witnesses.

Myers is apparently known to have anger issues on the field and the statement the wife made implies an ongoing problem at home. Is it overzealousness on the part of the Mass. judicial system or is it the failure of the Phillies organization to provide assistance to one of their obviously troubled employees?

At 3:34 PM, Blogger 01245 said...

I think I have to agree with CP. The thing that separates this case from others is that there were 2 witnesses on the street who saw this and have given statements to the police. Additionally, the wife had a swollen face when the cops arrived. I'm hard pressed to believe that Myers is innocent.

She was probably terrified of what he might do to her if she didn't post bail. I know that I would be, if I were in her shoes. I would post bail, pack my bags and run far away. I saw the pre-game interview and he looked really scary.

I harbor no animosity toward the Phillies. I think that they're a team with a lot of character and talent. I can't believe that they are in last place, SLG-wise, in the NL. With Howard, Burell, Rollins and Abreu!


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