Sunday, July 09, 2006

"You're gonna need a bigger broom."

I've spent the majority of the weekend tying things up with the sale of the condo (yay!) and hanging out with my girlfriends. Seems like the more I sort of keep an eye on the Sox from a distance, the better they do. And what's with all this sweepy business? If (BIG IF) we beat the White Sox today, it'll just be plain weird. If we aren't getting swept (alright, we walked away with 1 measly dignity win in the series against the Rays after losing 3 in a row and there was that one loss against the Marlins, but still), we're sweeping. It's wacky.

So, I'm going to do my part and go out, do some laundry, and toss the ball around in the park with my friend, Anne.

P.S. Is it not overkill to light "homerun" fireworks off during the day in Chicago? It's the same as the Liberty Bell stuff in Philadelphia and the tiger roar in Detroit. Necessary?


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