Monday, July 10, 2006

See You After the All Star Break

Jason Varitek is taking a break, and so am I. I never much cared for the All Star festivities. I always vote, but I never watch any of it. Do you really think, with the NL looking the way they do, that there is any chance of them obtaining home field advantage? Maybe they'll make it interesting. Who knows?

Anyhoo, I really need the time off from baseball. Especially after that killer game yesterday. You know it's bad when it gets to a certain point in the game and you just don't care who wins anymore. You're like someone, please stick a fork in this!

Ciao for a few!


At 8:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you perfectly summed up our feelings in watching the torture that was yesterday's game. but... I couldn't bring myself to turn away! after investing that much into it, I couldn't leave.
But - did you notice - we broke the losing with Dave McCarty in the post game show streak this week.
That was something.
I really need the break, too! Have fun on yours,
Mrs. Joey


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