Monday, December 19, 2005

Weekend Wrap

Interesting weekend.

Mo turned 34 this weekend and I participated in her birthday shenanigans in New Bedford. One of her friends planned an almost surprise party for her. He caved at the last minute and told her about it. The biggest dilemma seemed to be: Is there too much cake? And if you know me and my friends, this is the opposite of a problem. I made her a two-layer chocolate cake containing three eggs. Three. This lead us to the second dilemma: What will the vegans eat? It seems that there was another very decadent cake slated to share the limelight. Not only did cake number two contain eggs, but there was a heavy whipped cream frosting. Long story, short: Both vegans broke down and ate the cake. One of them had several drinks, then surprised us all by shouting out every line of dialog from Pee Wee's Big Adventure. The DVD was playing, although it would have been hilarious if it weren't. As a spectator, I was amused. And though the drunk, egg eating woman knew PWBA pretty well, she was no match for me. [Spell checker thinks that "vegan" should be "vegas." Yikes.] After watching PWBA, we saw The Nightmare Before Christmas [drunk girl passed out]. This was fitting for a number of reasons:

1. Most of the party attendees were entering the final phase of their graduate [art] school semester and they are all literally crying themselves to sleep. Their lives are the nightmares before Christmas. [Heather and I had just spent the afternoon helping Mo install one of her pieces for her final review. There were minor injuries.]
2. The apartment we were sitting in contains one of the largest collection of horror movies I have ever seen. I am in heaven every time I visit. There is also a set of autographs from horror movie icons. Leatherface is proudly displayed above the mantel, signed "Rest in Pieces." One of the people who lives there if familiar with both Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. This is beyond impressive to me.

3. We had a Tim Burton theme going.

On Sunday, I defied the laws of physics and checked almost every single holiday task off the proverbial list. I don't know how I managed to get in and out of the Cambridge Side Galleria in two hours flat with almost every gift, but I did. Probably because I was on a mission and everyone around me could sense that I had been listening to the Rollins Band all morning in preparation for the mall. I touched my fear. And other people's. I baked my ass off. I finished my cards. I vacuumed. It was great. The tree fell (I live in a very small space, so this was more than a little "whoopsy daisy" type of incident.) The cat was intrigued. The only casualties were a couple of glass ornaments. Not the Red Sox ones, thank goodness. I got to bed a little late, but if you could only see the cupcakes I made [perfection], you would agree that it was worth it. I hope the folks here at work appreciate it.


At 12:04 AM, Blogger Jere said...

I don't think part of veganism is not drinking alcohol. But maybe that's just because every vegan and vegetarian I know DOES drink. Except for me. And Brian. And Chan, but he never admits to anything.

At 9:12 AM, Blogger 01245 said...

I don't think part of being a vegan is not drinking, either. The girl at the party was evidence of that. There's a vegan here at work who can out-drink any beer guzzling carnivore.

Didn't mean to imply that all vegans steer clear of booze. Wait, I just re-read my post and I don't think I implied that at all. I was reporting back the behavior of this one chick. Her boyfriend does not drink and he's a vegan, too, but I didn't mention that in the post and it's neither here nor there.


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