Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas in Somerville

One thing I have grown to expect from Somerville is *ahem* enthusiastic holiday decorating. Please don't get me wrong. As an appreciator of things that are over the top, I think it's wonderful.

Last night, I took a walk around my house and snapped a few pics. Additionally, I took a little video. For the creme de la creme of all Christmasy triple deckers, please watch my movie.

I really had to hand it to these folks:

They managed to weave America's favorite pastime into Christmas rather nicely with the projected "happy holidays" baseball image. They snaked lights around the front door well, too. Good snaking.

Ok, so my camera work here isn't ideal. But, you can look at it from an artsy standpoint and appreciate the motion filterish effect my not being able to hold the camera steady produced. I like the dueling Santas these folks put out. It's a one-way street, but I think they might have had pedestrians in mind with this decorating strategy. One thing you don't see in the photo is the marvelous lighted arch at the entrance. It's much like McDonald's golden arches, but there is only one and it's red.

Have a wonderful holiday, everyone!

P.S. I saw Johnny in pinstripes yesterday. I don't care what anyone says - the sideburns look stupid. And then later, I watched an old Joe Torre interview from 60 minutes on ESPN (Classics). All the clips were before 2004. I hate that I like and respect Torre so much. Why couldn't he be an ass like Steinbrenner?


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