Friday, December 30, 2005

I've Got Something to Say! I Saw This Cool Truck Today!

I snapped this pic on my way to work this morning. I think it's great.

First of all: ACME. Wow. Same company that supplied Wile E. Coyote. Sweet.
Secondly: ICE-DRY ICE. There's ice. And there's dry ice. But ice-dry ice?
Third: "We Bust Our Cubes for You" Do slogans get any better than this?
Lastly: You can call for ice 24 hours a day. Is this not amazing? I would think that this would be common place in NYC (maybe Jere can confirm this), but here? In the 617? Simply amazing.

Acme, you get 2 enthusiastic thumbs up from me. Go. Get. 'Em.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Warning: Angry Post

As you know, it's game on, game off with Tejada. Right now, I guess we are in "game on" mode.

Since Johnny has left us, I no longer support a deal that involves Manny being traded. If these people think they can somehow balance the scales in terms of RBIs and homers with Manny out of the picture, they are dreaming. And as fans, we would be dreaming, too, if we thought this possible. If Theo were still our GM, I wouldn't be as quick to poo-poo the notion, but no one on board now is as creative and persuasive as Theo. I am already preparing myself for a mediocre year (mind you, I didn't say "suck town year" or "shitty season" - more like "so-so"). And while I'm excited about some of the new players, as of right now, I'm not feelin' a lot of consistent W's are in store. Hope I'm wrong.

In Milwood news (from

... However, the Sox' unwillingness to guarantee the fourth year, or offer Millwood a no-trade clause, appears to have cost them, as the Texas Rangers, the Sox' only known competitor for Millwood, reached a preliminary agreement with the righthander for four years plus an option year, pending a physical ...

Here's a question: Why even bother to tangle yourself up in a negotiation? Were they trying to make it look good for the fans? Here's what I think of the current front office situation:

Trust me, this stubbornness is going to cost them. You know, it's one thing to sit back in your leather office chair and point your finger at the offer and say "Nope, we're not gonna budge beyond what we've got written here. The dude simply isn't worth it." But, it's quite another to have this "we're not budging" mentality when your roster looks like swiss cheese. NEWS FLASH: No one is worth what they are getting paid. Okay, there are a couple of exceptions here and there, but overall, the best talent in the majors comes with an inflated price tag and a pushy agent. It stinks, but it's also the reality. And why Red Sox brass is acting like they've got a budget comparable to the Rockies or the Brewers is beyond me. I'm not saying that we ought to be reckless and irresponsible, but maybe a little more flexible.

We all know that tickets to the games at Fenway are way overpriced - as are many of the items at the concessions. How much would the franchise benefit if we all stood back as fans and said, "I like you, Red Sox, but I don't see how I'm getting my money's worth"? I'm sure that Larry and co. would respect us for having integrity and principles. They would be psyched that their fan base was able to reason that out.

On another angry note: It's been a week and my stomach still turns every time I see a picture of Johnny Damon in that ridiculous costume. I'm serious - I feel ill at the sight of it.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas in Somerville

One thing I have grown to expect from Somerville is *ahem* enthusiastic holiday decorating. Please don't get me wrong. As an appreciator of things that are over the top, I think it's wonderful.

Last night, I took a walk around my house and snapped a few pics. Additionally, I took a little video. For the creme de la creme of all Christmasy triple deckers, please watch my movie.

I really had to hand it to these folks:

They managed to weave America's favorite pastime into Christmas rather nicely with the projected "happy holidays" baseball image. They snaked lights around the front door well, too. Good snaking.

Ok, so my camera work here isn't ideal. But, you can look at it from an artsy standpoint and appreciate the motion filterish effect my not being able to hold the camera steady produced. I like the dueling Santas these folks put out. It's a one-way street, but I think they might have had pedestrians in mind with this decorating strategy. One thing you don't see in the photo is the marvelous lighted arch at the entrance. It's much like McDonald's golden arches, but there is only one and it's red.

Have a wonderful holiday, everyone!

P.S. I saw Johnny in pinstripes yesterday. I don't care what anyone says - the sideburns look stupid. And then later, I watched an old Joe Torre interview from 60 minutes on ESPN (Classics). All the clips were before 2004. I hate that I like and respect Torre so much. Why couldn't he be an ass like Steinbrenner?

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Johnny Demon

In the spirit of co-GM-ing, I wonder if the grand scheme here is to label Trot and Manny as co-centerfielders. Maybe Lowell/Marte and Loretta (I keep wanting to call him Shirley), can be co-short stops. Hey, why spend the dough? Let's get creative!

Speaking of creativity, I propose having a contest in which people compete for the most creative use of Johnny Damon Red Sox gear.

Demon (change "a" to "e")
Ramones (change "D" to "R", add "es" at the end. Bonus if you can sew a Joey Ramone head shot applique over the 18)
Vamoose (change "D" to "V", "n" to "o" and add and "se" at the end)

I am so disappointed in Johnny. It's not like the Yankees offer included an extra couple of years. In fact, the money wasn't much more, so I am puzzled as to the true motivation. The comments that he made on his way out were unforgivable. A-Rod's first at-bat in Fenway was a rough one, but that's nothing. You call that booing? Just wait. Johnny is going to get crucified. Fitting, I suppose with all the Jesus comparisons. The fans will be merciless. And the funny thing, too, is that the NYY fans aren't super impressed with the deal. At least, from what I've heard. Think about it: Imagine that in some strange twist of fate, the Sox made a deal with the Yanks - Schilling for Jeter. [This is totally hypothetical.] Would you, could you, ever warm up to Derek Jeter as your short stop? Hell, no. I imagine that Johnny is going to find himself a very lonely place come April. And he's definitely a guy who cares about his popularity. He screwed himself on that one. So, he's got that going for him.

As disappointed in Damon as I am, I am equally concerned about the glue of the front office. Open their office doors and out pops Lydia the Tattooed Lady, a guy on a unicycle, several clowns, an elephant, and some peanuts. I mean, what the heck is going on over there? Kerry and I watched a bit of the press conference today and I've got to tell you, I didn't walk back to my desk feeling very confident.

Idoits Rule - If You're a Yankee Fan

This one totally blind-sided me. I really just assumed that Boras was doing the evil agent money cha-cha, making us all sweat bullets in the process. I even thought to myself: I will not panic about all this. Johnny would and could never sign with the Yankees. He's using them to get a better deal with the Sox. I figured that we'd have to wait until January before the deal was done, but that he'd still be in Boston.

I don't mean to be all nostalgic about it, but where is the loyalty? Why do I even watch the game? Here's an idea: In the middle of all major league baseball games, from now on, all the players put on the other team's jerseys and change sides, right then and there. Or, All Red Sox fans attending the same game at Fenway should unanimously decide that they are going to wear San Diego Padres shirts to the park. Would it be funny if all the vendors in and around Fenway only carried Seattle Mariners stuff for a week? I suppose that would be a slight to the good guys on our team. You know, all three of them.

When things like this happen, I just have to scratch my head. I wonder why I care so much about this stupid team. I heard that Boras might not have given the Sox an opportunity to counter-offer, but I bet he did and the Sox stood firm. So, either the Red Sox front office is a train wreck or they are brilliant. We'll know after we see Johnny's numbers for the year. Maybe Damon's resilience will finally catch up with him and he'll start to break down. Maybe the Red Sox will snag Crisp. The irony really is the fact that Manny is still in a Boston uniform and everyone we thought would be solid in '06 is gone. Hopefully, there's still some magic left in the Red Sox budget and we'll sign another big gun or two. One thing is certain - Johnny Damon: You are dead to me. Oh, and you're a dick. Yeah, I said it.

For now, I'm going to concentrate on the silver lining: Michelle and her weird boobs are out of my city.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Slippery Reporting

From yesterday's NY Daily News (excerpt from Heyman article):

Meanwhile, the Yankees, who haven't furthered Damon negotiations in recent days, privately worry that Henry will save the day and lure Damon back home.

This is the weirdest statement. First of all, I am still mystified by these so-called sources. Who is going to speak to a reporter and say "we are all privately worried here." Total nonsense. Also, if this were true, and the Yankees were all sitting around sweating bullets, why would they let things sit idle for days? Wouldn't they be trying hard to make a deal? Here's what I think: Heyman is conspiring with the Yankees and he is doing his part to jack up Damon's perceived value in hopes that the Red Sox will eventually overpay him. I can't figure any other reason behind that sentence. It's jerky and will likely prove to be ineffective.

Quasi-related: I am so glad that Garciaparra signed with the Dodgers, AKA Red Sox West. Red (Sox) Rover, Red (Sox) Rover send Nomar right over!

Weekend Wrap

Interesting weekend.

Mo turned 34 this weekend and I participated in her birthday shenanigans in New Bedford. One of her friends planned an almost surprise party for her. He caved at the last minute and told her about it. The biggest dilemma seemed to be: Is there too much cake? And if you know me and my friends, this is the opposite of a problem. I made her a two-layer chocolate cake containing three eggs. Three. This lead us to the second dilemma: What will the vegans eat? It seems that there was another very decadent cake slated to share the limelight. Not only did cake number two contain eggs, but there was a heavy whipped cream frosting. Long story, short: Both vegans broke down and ate the cake. One of them had several drinks, then surprised us all by shouting out every line of dialog from Pee Wee's Big Adventure. The DVD was playing, although it would have been hilarious if it weren't. As a spectator, I was amused. And though the drunk, egg eating woman knew PWBA pretty well, she was no match for me. [Spell checker thinks that "vegan" should be "vegas." Yikes.] After watching PWBA, we saw The Nightmare Before Christmas [drunk girl passed out]. This was fitting for a number of reasons:

1. Most of the party attendees were entering the final phase of their graduate [art] school semester and they are all literally crying themselves to sleep. Their lives are the nightmares before Christmas. [Heather and I had just spent the afternoon helping Mo install one of her pieces for her final review. There were minor injuries.]
2. The apartment we were sitting in contains one of the largest collection of horror movies I have ever seen. I am in heaven every time I visit. There is also a set of autographs from horror movie icons. Leatherface is proudly displayed above the mantel, signed "Rest in Pieces." One of the people who lives there if familiar with both Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. This is beyond impressive to me.

3. We had a Tim Burton theme going.

On Sunday, I defied the laws of physics and checked almost every single holiday task off the proverbial list. I don't know how I managed to get in and out of the Cambridge Side Galleria in two hours flat with almost every gift, but I did. Probably because I was on a mission and everyone around me could sense that I had been listening to the Rollins Band all morning in preparation for the mall. I touched my fear. And other people's. I baked my ass off. I finished my cards. I vacuumed. It was great. The tree fell (I live in a very small space, so this was more than a little "whoopsy daisy" type of incident.) The cat was intrigued. The only casualties were a couple of glass ornaments. Not the Red Sox ones, thank goodness. I got to bed a little late, but if you could only see the cupcakes I made [perfection], you would agree that it was worth it. I hope the folks here at work appreciate it.

Friday, December 16, 2005

iTunes Store Evidently Does Not Want to Sell AC/DC

I am becoming an iTunes store addict. No, seriously. I don't really see this as a huge problem. What I do see as a huge problem, though, is that the iTunes Music Store has no AC/DC. Nothin. Yeah, sure, they've got the stupid tribute album and whatnot, but what I want is some good old fashioned "Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution" and maybe a little "For Those About to Rock, We Salute You."

I was able to purchase "Let It Go," by Def Leppard. Go figure.

Let's get it together, iTunes Store people.

What's the Word on the Street?

You know, when I came on board here over 3 years ago, I had to sign a confidentiality agreement. Additionally, I was told that I need to be incredibly discreet in my communications, as I work with multiple clients. If we have clients visiting, we are told to hide all evidence of other clients as much as humanly possible. While I think this can be overkill, there are good reasons behind the requests for secrecy. So I respect the policy.

Given this, I totally don't understand how things leak out of the Red Sox organization.

Sources say this, sources say that. Who are these sources, and why are they allowed to let these things escape? Actually, are they allowed to seep information out?

It's very confusing for the fan, because the so-called sources are hiding under lone ranger masks. Do they get something in return for the information? How does this work? I doubt that the source has to be that credible for the press, since most of the information I've been reading in "The Buzz" and on ProSports Daily's MLB Rumors is contradictory.

On a different note, here are some fun sound waves.

Desperate, and Serious?

Evidently NESN is so desperate, they've actually posted a video on (or maybe it's reciprocal and is this desperate - not sure) entitled Lucchino Tired of Epstein Questions.. This is somehow newsworthy. Like sands in the hourglass, so are the days of our Red Sox lives.

Kara (aka Mo), sent me this image today which made me laugh.

During college, I worked in a high-end toy/novelty store in the Copley Mall. It was hell. My boss was a racist (often ordering us to "watch" non-white customers) and my paycheck was a joke. One of the least pleasant tasks of the job was "glorified babysitting." Wealthy parents would often deposit their children in our store to play. We had to smile and wait patiently for their parents to return, while the kids knocked everything off the shelves. Most of the time, the parents didn't buy anything. The store went out of business, mercifully. I had long since quit by then, but I did eventually benefit from the mall's decision to let them go. They used the extra real estate to expand the bookstore.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Have you noticed a significant difference between Lipton tea and others? Why, then, does the company promote its product as the brisk tea? I'm drinking some right now, and grant you, I cut it with milk, but this brisk business is lost on me.

I like Red Rose tea. I am going to campaign here at work to restock the kitchen with it.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Co-GMs Praised for Likenesses to Theo

When asked about the decision to appoint co-GMs, Larry Lucchino responded, "It was important to not only embody Theo in terms of his strategic thinking, but we felt that the fans would support our decision if we appointed someone who resembled him physically. As you know, we searched outside and inside the organization without success. And then it hit me - why not hire two GMs, especially if each person can bring his own set of physical characteristics that resemble Theo's to the table?"

And so it is.

It is clear that co-GM Jed Hoyer captures Theo in the eyes. This was unanimously agreed upon by Lucchino, Henry, and pitching coach Dave Wallace, who spends a lot of time studying faces. Said Wallace, "The whole top of the face is truly Theo-esque. Forehead, eyes, and brows. They use the same stylist, which is of particular benefit here." Ben Cherington offers Theo's height and smile. Put them all together, and you've got yourself one Theo Epstein.

"This was brilliant," claimed Bob Furbush, VP of Accounting and Finance. "We are really saving a bundle here. Two bodies for a fraction of Theo's price. And I hear they really know their baseball."

Theo could be brought back to consult the two with decisions about clothing and mannerisms. "I'm concerned that Jed doesn't have my hand motions down as well as I hoped," Theo said.

It was also rumored that Epstein's personal trainer will be working with Hoyer and Cherington, using Theo's workout on them both. Since Hoyer will be representing the club with major league matters, it is especially important that he stay in tip-top shape. "Yeah, Ben's going to get to sneak in a super size meal sometimes and folks here might turn a blind eye," laughed Hoyer, jabbing his co-GM in the ribs. Cherington will be concerning himself primarily with the Red Sox farm system.

Nomar Dignity

I am so glad that I never went ahead with my plan of purchasing a customized Red Sox jersey (it was supposed to read "Always Love" in the back, where the player name typically goes, and "5" was meant to be the number). How foolish would I feel parading that around in lieu of what is likely going to happen with Nomar? I want to wave my finger in front of his face, snicker and say "Shame on you. You know better." But he needs dough like anybody, I suppose. And if Torre is going to pitch to him and the Yankees are willing to bring him on board, what is he supposed to say? Still, it saddens me, the way this whole thing panned out. Like the great Jimmy Carter was too decent a man to be President of the United States, Nomar is to the Yankees.

Property of New York


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Calling Duckter Love

People, they are making KISS ducks now. Can I contain myself? No.

Tuesday Jibba Jabba

First and foremost, I have to send a big congratulatory wish to the president of my company. Our Red Sox children's book (86 Years - The Legend of the Boston Red Sox) can now be found in the pages of the current People Magazine. Not that I would ever read a trashy, fluffy, scandal-filled rag such as this - heavens, no. But, it's on page 69 (in the Jennifer/Ben new baby article). One of my co-workers tends bar part time at a restaurant in Cambridge and one of the regulars happens to be a dude that Ben grew up with. My co-worker gave the book to this guy (Marc McGovern is his name - and it appears in the magazine twice, so it's okay to mention here) a while ago, in hopes that he would pass it along to Ben who might publicly endorse it in some way. What we got was so much better. Marc gave it to Ben for his new daughter and went on the record as saying, "We're going to raise this baby right." So far, we have real life testimonials from Stephen King, Johnny Damon, Tim Wakefield, and future Hall of Famer, Jim Rice. I love working for such a Red Soxy company.

I guess the Tejada rumors have hushed, but I doubt that they are going to diminish. Unless we get Alex Gonzales or another SS.

And the heartbreaker of the day: Nomar might be in pinstripes in the spring. As a first baseman, I guess. Can you even imagine this? I know that Nomie has every right to pursue opportunities that better his career and after he was dealt away from us, we can't judge him for contacting our rivals. But, why, Nomar, why? Why'ja hafta talk to them? Oh, I just can't stand it.

Co-GMs. What a joke. John Henry is like the cheerleading coach from my high school who didn't dare give the honor of captain to just one of the twins on the squad (Tricia and Tracy - the impossibly beautiful girls who haunted my entire childhood by being the darlings of the class and the object of Michael L.'s attention, who was the object of mine). No, they had to be co-captains. Since I didn't really pay much attention to the dramas of the cheerleading squad in high school, I honestly don't know how that all worked out. But, imagine if a rock band had two lead singers. I know what you're thinking: Milli Vanilli. There's my point. Nothing good ever comes from this type of dynamic. Some one has got to be in charge and there has to be a clear chain of command. And no lip synching!

Theo may or may not come back as a consultant/advisor. I have no idea what this really means. I wish there could be a meaningful press conference at some point. One that doesn't insult our intelligence and one that isn't full of nebulous blah, blah. It won't happen. It's nebulous or nothing. And speaking of things that won't happen, Roger Clemens will not pitch for the Red Sox again. Why do these things even get entertained? So we contacted his agent - so what? Were we the only ones contacting him? What says you, Dean? I doubt it. It was pretty much a routine move because the Astros didn't offer him arbitration.

Looks like Matt Clement isn't long for our world either.

[Update: I understand that Milli Vanilli is not rock, per say. Not only did they not rock, but they didn't do much of anything real. Also not rocking: Donny and Marie, Sunny and Cher, Captain and Tennille. And none of these represent the classic rock and roll band type that I'm getting at. I suppose KISS had a limelight sharing thing happening, but I'd still have to say that Paul Stanley was the front man. And maybe Paul McCartney and John Lennon shared lead vocals, but Paul was much more of a lead type figure. So, my point is, there weren't two Roger Daltrys running around the stage whipping the mic around. There weren't two Diamond Daves leaping up into the air in a split, and there weren't two Tom Keifers. Thank goodness.]

Friday, December 09, 2005


If the Sox and the Birds do not make the Tejada for Manny trade happen - and fast - I will lose my mind. There should have been an all points bulletin on Yawkey Way today. "Drop everything you thought was important and make this deal!" The folks ought to change their website to "Keep Manny, But Only If You Can't Get"

I love Miguel. He is a class act. I've always thought so. He is one of the ONLY visiting players who (a) dresses to the nines to enter the park and (b) takes time to sign autographs for kids. When Palmeiro tried to use him as a scapegoat over the steroids issue last season, Miguel said nothing. He would be a baseball god in this city. If the deal goes down, the shirt manufacturers better get ready to work nights and weekends until Christmas because Tejada Red Sox jerseys will be the most coveted item under the tree. Or Hanukkah bush.

And don't think for one second that the Orioles aren't ready to bust with glee. If Ramirez goes to Baltimore, that fan base is going to swell.

This is a win-win for both sides, down to the dollars. For the love of all that's holy, please, PLEASE make this a reality. And then, my fellow Orioles fans, let's all kick back and watch Steinbrenner stew.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Screwed at Short

Eric Wilbur's right. Unless the Red Sox have some huge and masterful plan in place, we are looking at some pretty bland options for SS.

1. Alex Gonzalez. Who?
2. Royce Clayton. Huh?
3. Pokey Reese. Great, but stinko offensive production and incredibly injury-prone.
4. Alex Cora. I like him, but he's not ready for the daily grind.
5. Crayons.

Is it me, or do the priorities seem a little off? We had a short stop (albeit, one with a disappointing 2005 season, but still) and we just acquired a new 3rd baseman. Why do we need another 3rd baseman, like, the next day? And why is no one talking about my no-brainer idea to move Youk to 1st and make him play every day in '06?

If Theo were still with the Sox, I would KNOW that there was a brilliant plan in place, but since that isn't the case, I am quite convinced that we'll wind up with train wrecks at 1st, in center, and in left. And what's this crap I hear about Trot going to Seattle? For what? Maybe they are paying some people big bucks to toss some fake and outrageous rumors out there to confuse the competition. What says you, Magic 8 Ball? "Reply hazy, try again."

Those Crazy Fish!

Everything must go! Crazy Larry (Beinfest)'s prices are insane!

And while they're dismantling, maybe they can work on a new team name. I never took "The Marlins" very seriously.

(I know that the Marlins are not working their way to non-existence. This was supposed to be humorous. No panicky comments, please.)

Marte for Renteria

Anyone else think this is a weird deal?

[I just heard that Marte was acquired to be used as trade bait as part of a deal that would potentially bring Lugo to Boston. As Patrick the photographer says: Julio, ok? Little known fact: Julio and I share the same birthday. From his scouting report: One of Lugo's biggest problems is trying too hard to come up with big hits, often jumping at pitches and swinging for the fences. He made strides to correct that, nearly tripling his number of doubles while hitting less than half as many home runs as the year before. When Lugo stays within his game, he can spray the ball around the field with enough power to hit it into the gaps. He also has the speed and ability to scratch his way onto base with bunts and infield hits.]

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Red Sox Use Magic 8-Ball to Guide 2006 Roster

Yes, it's true. For those of you who have been silently questioning whether or not the post-Theo staff is using the 8-Ball, allow me to be the first to report that this is no myth. Its power is too irresistible. Other teams, (the Devil Rays, for example) have successfully integrated this tool into their team-building suite and now the Red Sox want their share of the benefits.

One source close to the team revealed that they (front office) entertained the idea of using a Ouija Board, but decided against it, claiming that it is too time consuming. Since the manufacturers of the Magic 8 Ball began producing the key chain size, the current staff can keep their balls in their pockets. And after a long day, President and CEO, Larry Lucchino, collects everyone's balls and puts them in a non-disclosed location. It is both an economical and precise solution and the staff couldn't be happier. It is especially handy for the rapid decision-making necessary throughout the course of the GM meetings. When asked if slugger Manny Ramirez would still be in a Red Sox uniform on January 1, assistant General Manager Jed Hoyer quietly peeked into his left pocket, shook his ball around and replied, "My sources say no."

From the Edes Blog

Good news for Johnny Damon fans. Ran into Scott Boras walking through the lobby last night just before 3 a.m. Boston time, and he said that he'd spent considerable time talking with the Sox and things were looking "good." Scott doesn't say that kind of stuff unless he's closing in on a deal. The Sox are believed to have offered a four-year deal for JD, for a figure probably north of the $40 million they gave Jason Varitek and Edgar Renteria last year.

The Manny deal is stalled, supposedly. And now, Renteria could be on his way out. They are killing me softly with all of this. And still, we have no GM. Someone at work heard that the Theo thing isn't dead. This was mentioned in Sports Illustrated. You know, I wish that these notions weren't even entertained because they tug at my heart. Especially the Theo stuff. Either it's a possibility or it isn't. I hate getting hopeful just to have the wind taken out of my sails.

Oh, and hey - Grady Little and D-Lowe have reunited. Living happily in National League bliss.


Olerud finally hung up the batting helmet. He told the Associated Press: Chances are high that I will still wear it in every day civilian life. And it will be a Red Sox helmet. The greatest baseball team in the league.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Rumor Mill

So, Kerry and I had a conversation about the "real story" behind Manny's insistence to leave Boston. I really hadn't considered the possibility, and since I try to avoid D and C in the mornings, I wasn't aware of the rumors. Evidently, and you didn't hear this from me, Manny may or may not have been "friendly" with another woman and his wife may or may not have pressured him to leave Boston in an effort to cut ties with this particular female for good.

I honestly have no idea how much truth there is to this, but it sort of explains the hush-hush nature of the "reasons behind" the urgency to be traded. Maybe his wife threatened to leave him if he didn't comply. Interesting that the team of choice is all the way on the other side of the country. Also, Papi recently said "Manny is not returning to Boston ... Manny lives a difficult situation that only he and his family know about, and he does not want to play there ..." I posted this excerpt last month, but it made no sense to me at the time.

You know, I don't care if a player chooses to fool around on his wife. It's none of my business. But if these rumors are true (remember, none of this was sanctioned by a reputable source), I will be truly pissed off because it means that the fooling around has hurt my team. And we're probably getting crap in place of one of the greatest offensive threats to grace the game.

Also, Kerry informed me that Nomar (or his agent) contacted the Yankees and asked if they needed a utility player. Please know that hearing this made me cry a little.

Manny Ramirez to the Angels in Exchange for ...

What a deal!

Could This Be the Year for Rice?


This is Jim Rice's best chance to be elected to the Hall of Fame. More than 500 ballots are in the hands of the scribes and must be mailed before the end of the month. The announcement will be made Jan. 10.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Pet Peeves

Yesterday, I was loading my groceries in the trunk of my car when I noticed - in my periphery - a pickup truck with its left signal indicating that he/she was intent on getting into my space after I vacated it. I thought this was odd because when I parked initially, there were tons of available spots in the Stop and Shop lot. I looked up and around, and sure enough, there were empty spaces aplenty. Some even closer to the entrance of the store. Why put pressure on me, then? Who does this sort of thing?

I'll tell you who. A person like the cashier I had just had the pleasure of checking out with. There were no plastic dividers at the register, so I was sure to leave a good 2 feet of empty space between my stuff and that of the person in front me. Was it enough to clue the cashier into the fact that it wasn't mine? No. Before I could stop her, she had already started scanning my stuff. Come on.

I go into Dunkin Donuts every morning for my large hazelnut (milk, 1 sugar). And, inevitably, there's some ding dong ordering donuts for everyone working in the John Hancock building. And they don't make things convenient for the poor person behind the counter, either. Rather than doing random assortments, they have to select each and every donut themselves, and usually with much ambivalence. Just when you think they're done ... more stuff. Complicated stuff. Sandwiches on croissants, A myriad of coffee selections. I notice that customers like this avoid eye contact with other customers. They know. Last week, some lady and her boyfriend had placed one of these impossible orders and I walked in just in time for the "something got messed up" portion of their transaction. When it's my turn, I always saddle up alongside the person or persons causing the major bottleneck and order my very simple and straightforward large hazelnut coffee. I follow it up with "Yep, that's it." while looking directly at the burden-causer.

And don't get me started on the Jeremy Kapstein rumors. You don't do the music at Fenway in Dubly, you know.

Friday, December 02, 2005

College Station Agony

I enjoy the unpredictability and often eccentric music selections of college radio. "The Coffehouse" (Emerson) and "Breakfast of Champions" (MIT) are both really fine weekday programs and good alternatives to the same old-same old. Why, then, do the DJs have to be so boring and mundane? Wouldn't you guess that most of them are aspiring professional DJs? Should they not be trying even harder than those gainfully employed by the Infinity/Clearwater type stations? Is there some set of rules that these students have to follow (underlying message being: do not reveal a personality)?

1. DON'T have an opinion.
2. DO try to be as monotone as possible.
3. DO read every detail about a song to the listener. Include the liner notes, if at all possible.
4. Men: Do your best Ira Glass impersonation (NPR, This American Life)
5. When in doubt, be pretentious.
6. DO apologize for every sniffle and cough and yawn.
7. Women: Try not to sound your age. Listeners will appreciate a higher pitched "baby girl" voice.
8. DO drag words out and insert lots of unnecessary pauses. Ex: You have been listening tooooooo Miles [pause] Davis from his [long pause] Kind of Bluuuuue release from the Sony Recordsssssss label.

How about an occasional joke? One that isn't pompous?